For company

+3 productivity points

Investment which returns not only in settlements. Carrying of workershealth is to influence on their positive development, wellbeing, creativity and productivity. Healthy breake from work is not important only for a body but mostly for the mind. It allows to create comfortable work conditions for teams which will be doing their work much better than before.

For employee

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„The slaves have never been good employees!” this is the greatest truth discovered by nowadays social psychology. That's why it's so important for us to take care of our health and wellbeing not just at home but also at workplace where sometimes we spend most of our time. Nothing is better for our health, wellbeing and creativity than nice breake with tasty fruit!

Fresh and tasty

Korzyści dla biura

Take an idea to your workplace!

+5 motivation points


+5 motivation points

You can place an order for fruits to your office from Monday to Friday from 8:00A.M. to 3:00P.M.


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Our fruits are selected at night and carefully put by our warehouse workersto specially designed, removable, wooden cratesThanks to this process we are sure about the best quality of products which will be delivered fresh and secured from damages.


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Fruits are delivered to your office usually from monday to friday between 7.00a.m. and 13.00p.m.


-2 stress points

Dostawy są realizowane zgodnie z życzeniem klienta zarówno codziennie jak i np. raz w tygodniu, jednak zawsze klient otrzymuje jedną fakturę, pod koniec miesiąca z dogodnym terminem płatności.


+3 joy points

Designed in a way the fruits: have easy air acces, are transported without any damages and are presenting very well. Solid wooden crates with Owoce Do Biura logo is a product which makes our work easier and help us stand out from the competition


We are proud of our work and effects of our effort and profound selection of products that's why we confidentialy inviting Companies to try our service without any obligations. Hardly anybody doesn't tempt to ask for more.


How many fruits does your company needs?

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Enter the number of your employees and number of deliveries per week. This data is used only to prepare pricing.

Wartość nieprawidłowa

Maximum number of deliveries is 5 per week

Every gap must be filled

Why not every delivery does include....?

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Fruits and vagetables are very moody and complicated products so if they doesn't reach our expectations - we just don't buy them. It's not the matter of price because we buy various wonders of the world for You but bad product isn't worth a penny. That's why every delivery is prepared with predetermined rules but also including QUALITY which is the most important factor for us.

What kind of fruit is it and is it tasty?

It happens we surprise some of you with an mysterious looking fruit, with even stranger name. We assure you that every delivered fruits are fresh, healthy and the only thing they can cause is improving your mood. No worries, if for some reason you are afraid of kiwi or peaches - we will note it and we will never disappoint you with delivery like that.